Wine-growing region: Racha-Lechkumi viticulture region
Climate type: Moderate continental
Wine classification: Appellation wine
Varietal composition: Usakhelauri
Grape yeald: 7 tons per hectare.
Wine type: Semi-sweet red wine
Harvest of 2012
Alc. Vol: 12,5 %

Testing Notes

This naturally semi-sweet wine is made of indigenous Georgian grape variety – Usakhelauri.

Color: It is deeply saturated pomegranate color.

Aromas:Well-expressed rich aromas of berries and specific smell of Saperavi.

Palate:On the palate it is rich with berry tones, balanced with good acidity and light gentle tannins. This palate pleasing wine is loaded with character and its strong earthy flavor is well balanced by its natural sweetness. A perfect companion to various desserts. Enjoy at 12 – 140C.