Wine-growing region: Kakheti viticulture region
Climate type: Moderate continental
Wine classification: Table Range
Varietal composition: Saperavi
Grape yeald: 12 tons per hectare
Wine type: Rose, Semi-dry
Harvest of 2014
Alc. Vol: 12,7 %

Testing Notes

This light rose changing into light pomegranate colored dry wine is made of indigenous Saperavi grape variety.

Color: rose changing into light pomegranate.

Aromas:Soft aromas of summer fruits mixed in floral smells.

Palate:This extremely approachable and very easy drinking light-bodied rose is dry with a marked, lively acidity that is extremely refreshing. The wine has very nice complexity, good palate weight, crispness and is filled with floral and fruity nuances. Perfect with light food and salads. Enjoy at 10 – 120C.