Wine-growing region: Kakheti viticulture region
Climate type: Moderate continental
Wine classification: Appellation wine
Varietal composition: Saperavi
Grape yeald: 8 tons per hectare.
Wine type: Semi-sweet Red wine
Harvest of: 2011
Alc. Vol: 12,9 %

Testing Notes

This pomegranate-colored, naturally semi-sweet wine is made of Saperavi grape variety.

Color: The Pomegranate and purple colors. Red with inky hue along the rim.

Aromas:Myriad of black fruits with spices.

Palate:Sweet blackberry and black cherry configure are prevailing the initial palate. Mid palate is full and chewy, with slightly rough tannins. Finish is lingering with lively acidity and sweet and fruity aftertaste.