Wine-growing region: Kakheti viticulture region
Climate type: Moderate continental
Wine classification: Exclusive, Limited Reserve
Varietal composition: Rkatsiteliand Mtsvane.
Grape yeald: 9 tons per hectare
Wine type: Dry vintage white
Harvest of 2011
Alc. Vol: 12,6 %

Testing Notes

Anguri is made of the native Georgian selected grape varieties Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane.

Color: pale yellow colored with greenish tones.

Aromas: Wine is distinguished with the unique aroma of flowers bouquet with honey aromas.

Palate:This pale greenish wine pours very nicely and is a heartening drink from the very first sip. A stinging and lively acidity and a distinctive, fruity bouquet and flavor lasts quite a while after tasting. Pair it with fish and other light dishes. Tasting Temperature 8-12 °C