Qimerioni Wines company

About us

Qimerioni Wine Company is dedicated to producing ultra premium wines of exceptional quality from vineyards situated in Georgia’s most acclaimed winemaking region Kakhety, namely in village Chumlakhi of Gurjaani District.Our name comes from the artistic café “Qimerioni” launched in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia on December 28, 1919 by the group of renowned Georgian poets and artists and designed for wide range of artistic activities namely poetry readings, exhibitions and other art performances.Founded in 2011 Qimerioni is a quality driven wine company   whose varietal focus is traditional Georgian grapes Saperavi, Rkatsiteli and Kisi. We also produce two sorts of chacha, - strong liquor often referred as “grape vodka.” Our 2011 production was approximately 120, 000 bottles and we anticipate that total production will eventually reach a maximum of about one million bottles in 2012.The premium fruit, the modern winemaking facilities and our uncompromising wine philosophy permit our team to make wines respecting the ancient traditions of Georgian winemaking with the gentlest possible handling techniques.


We wish to produce superior wines that are reflective of unique winemaking region and centuries long traditions. The quality of our wine will be a product of our passion for uncompromising excellence and attention to detail. We firmly believe it will inspire us to continue, and our clients to value and to seek out our wines. We are going to achieve our mission and vision by working together in a spirit of teamwork and mutual respect in accordance with our core values. An ongoing passion for excellence and a contagious enthusiasm will be the cornerstones of the approach we embrace to achieve our mission and vision. We hope that our ongoing uncompromising applied attention to detail will help distinguish and differentiate our wines and our winery from our contemporaries.

We believe that we can enhance the wine making and viticulture process by the selective application of the latest technology in the vineyard and the winery while respecting the traditional non-interventional winemaking style and sustainability that we embrace.

We are only keepers of the land hence we will apply sustainable best practices in the vineyard and the winery to reduce the impact of our footprint on the environment, our neighbors, and society as a whole. We will use environmentally sound practices and products wherever possible in the making and marketing of our wines.